The United Republic of Tanzania

Centre for Agricultural Mechanization and Rural Technology

Core Values

  1. Collaboration and leadership
    Collaboration with other persons, local and international, and leadership in such collaborations is important in the delivery of agricultural machinery and rural technology services and goods.

  2. Creativity and innovation
    Being an applied research and development organization, creativity and innovation is one of our core values. Creativity and innovation in agricultural machinery and rural technology is needed because of the diverse nature of our people, culture and the environment.

  3. Quality and perfection
    Quality and perfection of our products has been the selling point of our organization and this will continue to be maintained so that our customers will continue to get best agricultural machinery and rural technology products and services.

  4. Family and teamwork
    At work, our organization is as one family and embracing teamwork. It is only through this spirit our organization has continued to effective and efficient in delivery of goods and services.

  5. Responsibility and reliability
    Personal responsibility and reliability of our staff is the reason for success in undertaking research and development, and testing of agricultural machinery and rural technology.

  6. Dedication and enthusiasm
    Our individual dedication and enthusiasm to tasks have been key ingredients in the development of quality and perfect agricultural machinery and rural technology products, and delivery of the best services to our clients.