Some of the Agricultural Machineries and Rural Technologies which CAMARTEC is mandated to do testing are:


        1.1    Human
        1.2    Work animals
        1.3    Walking tractors
        1.4    Riding tractors
        1.5    Electric motors
        1.6    Fossil engines
        1.7    Wind turbines
        1.8    Water turbines
        1.9    Steam turbines
        1.10  Biomass
        1.11  Biogas
        1.12  Electricity


        2.1         Pre-harvest technologies

        2.1.1      Hand hoe
        2.1.2      Animal drawn plows
        2.1.3      Riding tractor operated disc plow
        2.1.4      Riding tractor operated tine cultivator
        2.1.5      Riding tractor operated moldboard plow
        2.1.6      Riding tractor operated rotavator
        2.1.7      Riding tractor operated ridger
        2.1.8      Walking tractor operated disc plow
        2.1.9      Walking tractor operated tine cultivator
        2.1.10    Walking tractor operated moldboard plow
        2.1.11    Walking tractor operated ridger
        2.1.12    Walking tractor operated rotavator
        2.1.13    Hand operated ripper
        2.1.14    Animal drawn ripper
        2.1.15    Walking tractor operated ripper
        2.1.16    Riding tractor operated ripper
        2.1.17    Subsoiler
        2.1.18    Animal drawn harrow
        2.1.19    Riding tractor operated disc harrow
        2.1.20    Walking tractor operated disc harrow

        2.2         Crop establishment
        2.2.1      Jab planter
        2.2.2      Hand operated planter
        2.2.3      Animal drawn planter
        2.2.4      Powered direct seeder
        2.2.5      Hand operated transplanter
        2.2.6      Animal drawn transplanter
        2.2.7      Self-propelled transplanters
        2.2.8      Walking tractor operated transplanter
        2.2.9      Riding tractor operated transplanter
        2.2.10    Fertilizer distributer
        2.2.11    Green house

        2.3         Irrigation
        2.3.1      Water cane
        2.3.2      Hand operated pump
        2.3.3      Treadle pump
        2.3.4      Wind turbine pump
        2.3.5      Water turbine pump
        2.3.6      Motorized pump

        2.4         Crop protection technologies
        2.4.1      Hand operated weeder
        2.4.2      Animal drawn weeder
        2.4.3      Walking tractor operated weeder
        2.4.4      Riding tractor operated weeder
        2.4.5      Self-propelled weeder
        2.4.6      Hand operated row crop cultivator
        2.4.7      Animal drawn row cultivator
        2.4.8      Walking tractor operated row cultivator
        2.4.9      Riding tractor operated row cultivator
        2.4.10    Walking tractor operated row cultivator
        2.4.11    Hand operated low land rotary weeder
        2.4.12    Animal drawn low land rotary weeder
        2.4.13    Walking tractor operated low land rotary weeder
        2.4.14    Riding tractor operated low land rotary weeder
        2.4.15    Self-propelled low land rotary weeder
        2.4.16    Hand operated up land rotary weeder
        2.4.17    Animal drawn up land rotary weeder
        2.4.18    Walking tractor operated up land rotary weeder
        2.4.19    Riding tractor operated up land rotary weeder
        2.4.20    Self-propelled up land rotary weeder
        2.4.21    Sprayers and dusters
        2.4.22    Hand operated knapsack sprayer
        2.4.23    Walking tractor operated boom sprayer
        2.4.24    Riding tractor operated boom sprayer
        2.4.25    Motorized boom sprayer
        2.4.26    Ultra low volume (ULV) herbicide applicator
        2.4.27    Hand operated rotary weeder
        2.4.28    Motorized agriculture powder duster

        2.5         Harvesting technologies

        2.5.1     Cereals harvesting technologies
         Self -propelled grain reaper binders
         Walking tractor operated grain reaper binders
         Riding tractor operated grain reaper binder
         Riding tractor operated grain combine harvester
         Self-propelled grain combine harvesters

        2.5.2      Tea harvesting technologies
         Hand operated tea shears
         Hand held motorized tea harvesters
         Self-propelled tea combine harvesters
         Cotton combine harvesters

        2.5.3      Sugarcane harvesting technologies
         Sugarcane loaders
         Sugarcane harvesters

        2.5.4      Grass harvesting technologies
         Lawn mower
         Powered hay baler

        2.6         Post-harvest technologies

        2.6.1      Primary crop processing technologies
         Maize sheller
         Hold on type grain thresher
         Throw in type grain thresher
         Hand operated peanut sheller
         Treadle peanut sheller
         Powered peanut sheller
         Grain cleaner
         Sisal decorticator
         Cassava digger
       Cassava pealing machine
       Cassava combine harvester
       Potato digger
       Potato pealing machine
       Potato combine harvester
       Peanut digger
       Peanut combine harvester
       Hand operated forage choppers
       Powered forage choppers
       Waling tractor operated forage chopper
       Riding tractor operated forage chopper
       Walking tractor operated forage harvesters
       Riding tractor operated forage harvesters
       Hand operated hay baller
       Powered hay baler

        2.6.2      Secondary crop processing technologies
         Hammer mills
         Disc attrition mills
         Maize hullers
         Rice hullers
         Hand operated oil press
         Powered oil expeller
         Hand operated sugarcane juice press
         Powdered sugar cane juice press
         Cashew nut pealing machine
       Hand operated oil press
       Powered oil expeller
       Powered feed mixer
       Tomato seed extractors
       Peanut grinding machine
       Peanut dehusking machines
       Peanut fryers
       Feed mixers
       Fruit pulper
       Pelleting machines
       Sorghum hullers
       Cassava grater
       Cassava chipper
       Potatoes slicer
       Bananas slicer
       Dough mixer
       Popcorn machines
       Coffee grinder
       Coffee huller
       Coffee roasting machine

        2.7 Agricultural products conveying technologies

        2.7.1      Bucket conveyors
        2.7.2      Screw conveyors (augers)
        2.7.3      Belt conveyors
        2.7.4      Wheel conveyor
        2.7.5      Roller conveyor
        2.7.6      Chain conveyor
        2.7.7      Slat conveyor


        3.1    Animal feeders
        3.2    Animal drinkers
        3.3    Egg incubator
        3.4    Chicken plucker
        3.5    Fish pond aerators
        3.6    Honey press machine
        3.7    Centrifugal honey separator
        3.8    Milking machines


        4.1    Wheelbarrow
        4.2    Hand cart
        4.3    Donkey cart
        4.4    Ox-cart
        4.5    Three wheelers
        4.6    Solar dryer
        4.7    Cinvaram
        4.8    Biogas plants
        4.9    Green house
        4.10  Solar water heater
        4.11  Solar cooker
        4.12  Biogas stoves
        4.13  Charcoal stoves
        4.14  Firewood stoves
        4.15  Paraffin stoves