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Welcome to Ursus

URSUS embodies over 120 _____ of development of mechanization __ the Polish agriculture, gathering __________ and cultivation of industrial __________ on the basis of ___ national capital. Our machines ___ used by successive generations __ Poles. URSUS is undoubtedly ___ oldest Polish trademark of ________, machines and devices manufactured ___ the needs of agriculture.

The business profile of ___ Company is production and _____ of tractors and agricultural _________. In its range of ________ URSUS focuses on quality __ manufacturing and modern design.  __ this aspect our products ___ not inferior to the _____ leaders, and by including __ our offer the well-tried ____________ machinery, URSUS S.A. obtains __________ new opportunities  of development __ the wide range of ________. The principal idea of ___ Company is production of _______ machines and devices marked __ European quality of performance ___ good price.