The Centre for Agricultural Mechanization and Rural Technology (CAMARTEC) was established by the Act No. 19 of Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania in November 1981. The aim of the Centre is to improve the quality of rural life through development, adaptation, adoption and dissemination of the appropriate technologies in the fields of agricultural mechanization, housing, rural transport, renewable energy and post harvest.
CAMARTEC which officially started in July 1982, is a merger of two separate institutions, which were known as Tanzania Agricultural Machinery Testing Unit (TAMTU) and Arusha Appropriate Technology Project (AATP).

TAMTU from 1955, used to test agricutlural machinery for their suitability to Tanzanian condition while AATP which started in 1977 as a project unders Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) having functions of doing research and development in building materials, rural transportation, energy and water supply. Both institutions apart from their station activities, had extension and production responsibilities to ensure that the developed technologies reach the people in the field locations.